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Pea Eye in Cavies
Linda Mason
6/4/2012 4:00:00 AM

FATTY EYE, MORE COMMONLY KNOWN AS PEA EYE – Linda Mason                          
Pea eye (or fatty eye) is a permanent protrusion of the conjunctival sac just below the eyeball.  It is thought to be inherited. Personally, I have never had it in  long haired breeds but I do see it in the shorter haired breeds,  i.e. Smooth Coats, and also in Teddies, and Abyssinians, where they have the bigger eyes and are a little more “chunky”  with age. In some cavies, pea eye may be caused or aggravated by fluid retention. The theory is that in some pigs, pea eye may be caused by fluid build-up due to poor circulation,  This again an age issue as heart and circulation problems surface with age. Pea eye and/or fatty eye are frequently grouped together by vets as “conjunctival swelling”. Pea Eye, (the pea), can be removed by laser if it is interfering with  the cavies vision but in most cases the cavy does not seem bothered or uncomfortable with the condition and it is mostly left untreated. 

Treating Guinea Pigs with other Eye Infections: A guinea pig  with an inflamed conjunctiva or inflammation or infection around the eyes and eyelids can be treated with gentamicin or as I call it the wonder drug…This is amazing stuff… I used it on my French Lop when he had eye issues and it worked wonders with him and it works equally as well on guinea pigs. Gentamicin must be obtained from a Veterinarian  in Canada but can be purchased over the counter in U.S. of A. Drug Stores.

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