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is in place to serve the DRCBA. They are voted in by the membership every year.  They set the events agenda for the year and manage the organization of these events for the DRCBA members and others that come out to what we hope is a good time.

Over the years, our shows have increased from four to over ten.  We now have a great educational display, our standard is kept up to date, we have a yearly sweepstakes, a bi-monthly newsletter, a Christmas luncheon, a Memorial Day event with auction and last but not least, a web site.  All these need to be organized and cared for.  It is usually, but not exclusively, your executive that take on this work.

Both the DRCBA executive and members work together to make this club what it is.  The executive have been voted in by the members to take on club responsibilities on a day to day basis.  They take on this work willingly and are there to listen to the suggestions and the concerns/complaints of the members. Please don’t hesitate to contact any of them with feedback.   If you wish to remain anonymous, send a note in the mail. 

We hope your membership or association with the DRCBA is a pleasant and memorable one.  

2019 Executive


President Emeritus

Brian Dart


Elizabeth Voigt

Vice President
Heather Middlebrook

Linda Mason

Michelle Hodgkinson

Newsletter Editor

Liz Voigt      



Nita Irwin





Directors 2019

Tim Cooey

Mary Grillo

Julie Martin

Heather Middlebrook

Angela Gervase

Aislin Rees

Kim Lawless

Donna Kenny

Shirley Bird

Youth Director

Liora Hodgkinson






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