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  1. Rabbits do not need to be tattooed to be shown in the DR&CBA, but must have the assigned ear number (coop number, given by the Show Secretary) printed in the right ear with a marker. Cavies do not need to be tagged, but must have the assigned ear number (coop number, given by the Show Secretary) taped on the right ear.
  2. No rabbit or cavy is officially entered in the show until all fees are paid to the Show Secretary.
  3. The Show Secretary (or Judges Co-ordinater) has the right to get additional or substitute Judges if necessary, without notice.
  4. Substitutions or changes of entries may be accepted at the Show Secretary’s approval. The Show Secretary may or may not charge an additional fee to do so.
  5. Show Secretary has the right to refuse late entries.
  6. No changes may be made once the breed judging has started.
  7. All rabbits and cavies are entered at the owners risk. The owner is responsible for the management of their own animals.
  8. Exhibitors are responsible for getting their animals to the Judges table.
  9. If an exhibitor decides not to attend a show after making their entries (and after the changes date), the fees for the entries must still be paid unless an acceptable excuse is provided to the Show Secretary.
  10. If an Exhibitor decides to scratch an entry (after the changes date), the entry fee must still be paid unless a substitution is made.
  11. Should an Exhibitor decide to leave a show before the designated departure time, they will not receive any awards, unless a acceptable excuse is provided.
  12. Perpetual trophies may only go home with DR&CBA members within the province of Ontario.
  13. Any Exhibitor who interfere’s with the Judge or judging by annoying, influencing, or abusing (either verbally or physically), will be removed from the showroom along with their entries. Entry fees will not be refunded.
  14. An Exhibitor is not allowed to have their rabbit or cavy judged under an immediate family member. This would include a Spouse, Son, Daughter, Mother, Father, Brother or Sister.
  15. No animal being in the personal possession of a Judge may be judged by that Judge for a period of no less than 30 days.
  16. No discussion with the Judge during judging. Failure to adhere to this rule may result in that exhibitors animals being eliminated from the class.
  17. No indication to the Judge as to whose animals are whose, either directly or indirectly. Failure to adhere to this rule may result in that exhibitors animals being eliminated from the class.
  18. Once judging of a class has commenced, any late animals WILL NOT be accepted at the judging table.
  19. The Judge has the right to eliminate any animals that are vicious or uncontrollable.
  20. No one is allowed behind the Judges table except for the Judge and if applicable, the Apprentice Judge. Clerks must sit at a separate table.
  21. Clerks may not discuss and/or handle the animals on the judges table unless instructed to by the Judge.
  22. SICK ANIMALS – Judges must disqualify immediately.The animal must be removed from the show room under the Show Secretary’s supervision. The entry fee will not be refunded.
  23. Breeds that are currently in progress (have not yet been approved by the Standards Committee for the DR&CBA Standard) are not eligible to compete for Best in Show. (Exhibitor is responsible for providing a working standard for the breed on the show day).
  24. YOUTH – Is for exhibitors up to 18 years of age. All Youth must handle and carry their own animal to the judges table for youth classes.
  25. You must be a member of the DR&CBA in order to be included in the DR&CBA,s Sweepstake program.
  26. Disqualified or Eliminated animals will not receive any points or be included in the calculations of the points in the class (re sweepstakes).
  27. Food and water must be available for animals at every show and event.
  28. No selling of animals not entered in the show unless pre arranged.
  29. Transport carriers must be clean and in good repair.



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